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Home type smart prepaid gas meer produced according to 2004/22/EC direktives and EN 1359 & OIML standards.
  • Compact structure and broad capacity (1,2 dm3 period volume)
  • Hot press technology has been used in the meter. This facilitates meter reading and ensures that there is no depigmentation.
  • The internal and external surfaces of the gas meter have been coated with polyester powder. In this manner, humidity, corrosion and vibration are prevented.
  • Measurement unit has been made by the Japanese brand Polyformaldehyde M90’44(POM), formed by the Mitsubishi injection machine. The measurement unit has perfect physical-chemical characteristics, it is reliable, stable, sealed and protected against corrosion.
  • The diaphragm is polyester coating with nitric synthetic plastic content. Diaphragm specifications: Bally test > 2 million times, oil tolerance < 65% and flexibility <0,45 g/cm. Low temperature type diaphragms can operate at -35˚C ambient temperature.
  • The valve and valve seat has been manufactured of Z-41 certified material. The plastic injection powder Z-41 operates perfectly and does not deteriorate in any gas environments.
  • Internal surface coating is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has force and impact absorption properties.
  • Illegal opening of the device has been prevented by special bolt and nut.
  • Reverse gas input is prevented in the device by using a test resistance system.
  • With 360˚ rotating valve, accumulation of debris is prevented and freezing is prevented. It is a highly stable and flexible system.
  • The top cover and the bottom cover have been assembled together with a steel band. Stability up to 40 tons at atmospheric pressure is ensured. It is a highly stable and flexible system.
  • 1:1 connected system has been used and metrological stability has been ensured.
  • Within the scope of MID, it has type approval according to the 2004/22/EC directive.
  • It is in compliance with the EN 1359 and OIML standards.

Min. Readable Value 0,2 dm³
Max. Readable Value 99999,999 m³
Operating Temperature -20~+50 °C
Storage Temperature -30~+60 °C
Service Period 1 yıl
Connection m³0x2, 3/4", 1 V 4”
Center distance 110 mm,130 mm
Weight 2 kg
External coating Quality steel sheet
Pulse Output 1 imp=0,01 m³
Dimensions A130 (H225xW195xD170 mm
Options Quality steel sheet
Surface Paint Polyester powder plastic coating (Grey / Ivory color)
Options Pulse cable
Nominal Flow Rate 4 m³/h
Maximum Flow Rate 6 m³/h
Minimum Flow Rate 0,04 m³/h
Total Pressure Loss ^200 Pa
Pressure Operation Loss 0,5 ~ 100 kPa
Operating Volume 1,2 dm³
Allowable Error Qmin ^Q<0,1 Qmax : ±3%0,1 Qmax<Q<Qmax: +1,5%

H 224 mm
W 201 mm
D 165 mm
E 67,5 mm
A 110 mm